Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) – General Information

Earning your Certification credentials demonstrates your aptitude as an administrative and office support professional. It reflects your achievement and commitment to excellence through life-long learning. It’s an investment in your career that shows employers, coworkers, customers, and clients your commitment to the profession.

Earning and maintaining your Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) demonstrates your professional knowledge and mastery of vital competencies:

  • Indicates your dedication to your profession and initiative to stay current in an ever-changing marketplace.
  • Shows your employer you are a valuable member of the team committed to professional development.
  • Builds invaluable personal and professional confidence.
  • Provides new career opportunities and a competitive advantage over applicants without certifications.
  • Allows for the potential to earn a higher salary, receive promotions, and/or bonus.
  • College credit through Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

Certification is a cost-effective way to prove that your expertise is relevant and up to date. You’re passing the industry’s measurement of knowledge based on skill assessment and industry competency.  An assessment-based professional certification is earned by meeting several requirements differentiating it from other training or educational programs.

The Four Main Components:

  1. A required level of experience and education.
  2. Passing a rigorous exam.
  3. Exam is not associated with a particular program or course offered by the certifying body.
  4. Continued professional development through specific recertification requirements.

The CAP exam is administered throughout North America and select international locations twice a year. It is based upon a professionally developed and industry vetted Body of Knowledge (BOK).  The CAP Body of Knowledge has seven domains, each with a specific Performance Outcome (PO) and is worth a designated percentage of exam content. Performance Outcomes are detailed, measurable competencies based on current best practices across a myriad of industries, which commonly employ administrative professionals. Most POs have sub-points that help to further breakdown specific areas of competency.

The domains represent the central and most significant information, skills, and goals the candidate should know to pass the exam.

CAP Exam Domains:

  1. Organizational Communications (25%)
  2. Business Writing and Document Production (20%)
  3. Technology and Information Distribution (15%)
  4. Office and Records Management (15%)
  5. Event and Project Management (12%)
  6. Human Resources (8%)
  7. Financial Functions (5%)

Earning and maintaining your CAP is a three-step process. First, candidates must meet the eligibility requirements and submit an application. Once approved, candidates must sit for and pass the CAP exam. After the credential is earned, designees must maintain it by fulfilling recertification requirements every three years.

Invest in your future ...

The IAAP CAP is an assessment-based professional certification in the administrative field. The CAP certification is a distinction that sets you apart from others. It’s an investment in your career that shows employers, co-workers, and clients that you are committed to your profession and are well-trained.